Software as a Service (SaaS) is now days a popular service in worldwide but in Bangladesh SaaS is not so popular yet due to less implementation of the cloud server. SaaS will relief the organization from extra expense every month as SaaS implementer firm is responsible for Organization’s software implementation to data security.

Al-Hiyal is offering SaaS to different solutions. We are starting bellow solutions on cloud server as these solutions are already successfully using by many of our clients in their own local server:

EROS : Media Planning and Buying Tool.
ARES : HR and Payroll Solution.
EMS : Expense Management System.
IRENA : Knit Garments Buying and Trading Solution.

The organizations that are interested to less their resources expenses SaaS Technology is the perfect environment for them. Let us explain how SaaS will help you to ensure low expenses as well as high data security with a small contribution every month.

If you use SaaS Technology, you will get bellow facilities:

No Server needs in client side, so no resource need to maintain server, which will save your minimum $317 (25,360 BDT) per month
No Database administrator needs to maintain Database which will save your minimum $ 375 (30,000 BDT) per month
No need power backup to keep up the server all time as SaaS will ensure you with maximum up time facility. If you want to buy a online IPS or UPS which will cost around $1500 (1, 20,000 BDT) to $3437 (2, 74,960 BDT). So it will be a great save for you.
All you need to ensure only client pc with internet connection to use the desired application of your organization. You can work from both home & office.

For getting above facility please go through our price plan page where you will get both SaaS price as well as regular service contract price plan for different organization level applications.