About Us

Al-Hiyal Automation Limited (AHAL) is a unique development house and has been providing technology consultancy, stuffing, onsite and offsite or offshore development services and solutions.

Al-Hiyal Automation Limited (AHAL) is a registered Limited company in Bangladesh. AHAL is ever green solution provider since 2006 in Bangladesh. AHAL introduced in market as IT Vendor of Unilever Bangladesh.Over the last 14 years, Al-Hiyal Automation Limited (AHAL) has established itself as a consistent and reliable software & IT services company through its commitment and dedication towards quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.

We are the premier IT Consulting and Professional Services provider in Bangladesh. We maintain the highest value and reliability rankings among its customers and have the experience on the most recognized development platforms. We serve global enterprises through technology and services made possible by the onsite & offshore professional services model.

We are the fierce about the business of strategic consulting, application development and IT outsourcing. Our high-quality, value-added solutions and services, through people, process and product, make us an integral part of our clientÂ’s business process and help our clients to become successful in the global market domain.

Using the proven methods of design, documentation, implementation, quality assurance, and most importantly, communication, we are the company that understands the business of providing wide range of IT solutions and services. Our work ethic and strategy-oriented culture demand that we see the entire business picture, aiming for long-term impact versus focusing on the latest technology trends.