Business Application Development

A business application is a software solution or a set of programs that provide business functionality. They’re also used to enhance and monitor productivity throughout the organization. Business applications can be used externally, internally, or with other business apps.

They can be built in-house or be purchased as off-the-shelf solutions. Which type of software a business chooses depends on their specific needs and budget.

The 3 Types of Business Apps
  • B2B applications: Apps used between business partners (e.g. resellers, suppliers, etc.). These can be accessed using dedicated lines, for example, bulk order submission web service.
  • B2C applications: Apps used for general applications. These are mostly web/browser-based such as dynamic content websites e.g. customer loyalty apps, e-Commerce apps, etc.
  • Internal applications: Apps used inside the enterprise. These are core apps for business functionality, such as Internal ERP system, HR system etc.
Business Application Subcategories
  • Front-end applications: Users directly interact with these apps, usually through a Graphic User Interface.
  • Background applications: These back-end apps function behind the scenes and manage background processes.
  • Services-based applications: These apps serve as an integration point for other apps or systems.

When you start your company, you do things that don’t scale. That’s the nature of business. When you’re starting out, you’re testing the market to see if there’s a demand for your service.

5 Key Reasons Why Your Company Needs Business Apps

Every growing business needs application development. While there’s an initial investment upfront for the creation of these critical applications, they can provide a lot of benefits for growing organizations. Here are a few:

  1. Business apps increase employee productivity by optimizing business processes to improve efficiency.
  2. Business apps empower field workers, allowing them to stay connected to the office and get real-time insights into the process.
  3. Business apps increase customer engagement, boosting loyalty and sales.
  4. Business apps that are powered by intuitive analytics tools that help provide actionable insights to help you grow your business using more informed decisions.
  5. With low code, developing custom business apps has never been easier, meaning you can get exactly what you need without the hefty price or time found in custom builds.