File Approval & Tracking System: A formalized, automated approval process for submitting, routing, reviewing, approving, approval tracking, and collaborating on a variety of document types to make approval decisions. Document approval software ensures organizational standards are met and provides a complete audit trail of document workflow actions taken including time, date, and individual.

Features of FATS

  • SaaS Application: A SaaS platform is a solution used to sell, distribute, and manage cloud-based software and services.
  • Centralized System: Centrally controlled File and Activity Management solution.
  • Unicode Supported: Both Bengali & English will be available. Unicode wise
    searching capabilities.
  • File Management: Access employee files anytime, anywhere from a centralized digital file solution, providing one source of truth.
  • Circulation: Capabilities of auto Circulation of Office Notices.
  • Dynamic Workflow: Customize Workflow Design based on Department and Unit for File and Activities approval flow.
  • Activity Linking: Activity can link.
  • File and Activities Share: User wise file and activities share for ensuring the access control management
  • User Management: Role based access management system.
  • Initiator: Initiate the Note with attachments and send for further approval.
  • Approval: Based on department & functionality there are multi-level approver assigned for approve the file.
  • Approval Platforms: User can approve their activities via 3 platforms like Web Portal, Email, and Mobile App.
  • Digital Sign: As no pen & paper are using here so Digital sign will be used here for each user.
  • Document Storage: Attachments as well as final outputs will be stored for future audit trial if need.
  • Integrations: Integration with 3rd party system.
  • File Modification: Admin can modify any file any stage of process flow.
  • Flexible Search option: Searching capabilities to know the files and activities status.
  • Audit Trail: At any stage of file approval all kind status can be observed like – Files released time / How much time the file was in hand of user / Approval time Etc.


  1. Padakhep Manobik Unnayan  Kendra