Eros is the complete web-based solution for media related activities (like planning, scheduling, buying, monitoring and billing) and this tool is effective for those companies (Media Buying Companies, Media Agency and Monitoring Agency) who are relates to media world. Main objectives of this tools are gap analysis between plan vs. execution, plan vs. bill and bill vs. execution, prepare schedules based on plan, electronic schedule transfer to various medias (like TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazine, Digital, Outdoor etc.), bill generate from schedules etc.

Benefits o Eros Nxt

  • Rate Authorization
  • Budget Approval Process
  • Generate Media Brief
  • Data Fetching & Extraction
  • Suggestive Plan Generation for TV
  • Prepare Media Plan (TV, Radio, Press, Digital, Outdoor and others) and Authorization
  • Prepare Schedule based on Authorized Media Plan and Authorization
  • Interfacing with Media Viewership Data
  • Dashboard Generation
  • Analysis and Analytics Reports
  • Interfacing with SAP (PR, PO, and GR)
  • Interfacing with Media Telecast Data
  • Prepare Bill based on Authorized Schedule and Telecast Data
  • Reconciliation between Plan Rate Vs Authorized Rate, Plan Vs Execution, Plan Vs Bill, Bill Vs Execution
  • Generate Exception Report
  • Mobile App
  • Robotic Process Implements for Data Fetching
  • And many more MIS Reports


  1. Country’s Number 1 FMCG Companies
  2. Country’s Top Rated Consumer Care Company (MNC)
  3. Robi Axiata Limited
  4. Mind Share Limited
  5. Wave maker
  6. MBA
  7. Top of Mind
  8. Havas