Why Choose Us

Al-Hiyal Automation Limited (AHAL) is a unique development house and has been providing technology consultancy, stuffing, onsite and offsite or offshore development services and solutions.

Service : Provide effective, fast and reliable service is our first and foremost condition that makes our company best. We believe that effective Service is the key to Customer satisfaction. We want to gain the trust that needs to rise among lots of IT Company in Bangladesh.

Employees : Our highly qualified, talented, and innovative IT professionals those are works to meet client’s need. They are the blood circulation of a company; they are working to develop the company.

Motive : We work on two common motives like great companies in the world. Firstly: In our working process we all have a clearly defined motive for clients end and another is employee satisfaction who works develop their workstation. Our employees have taken those mottos to their hearts.

In recent years Al-Hiyal Automation Ltd considered as a top listed company in Bangladesh. We are dedicated to providing custom made software to our clients with a combination of dedication and new technologies.

Our covered area : FMCG, Telecom, Media Agency, Garments, Manufacture based software etc.

Like other established company our journey was not on the butter mixed road but now can make that possible only depends on our mission, core values. We love to create and play with new technologies. We want to hear from you. We must give the shape of your demands. Work with us for your better solution.